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A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan


Tom and Dan were once sitting in a hotel room in Daytona Beach, Florida where the air-condition didn't work, they were out of beer, and the cable only had 2 channels that came in static free. One of their friends suggested that they leave and attempt to find something better to do to which DanRead more

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Best of ACT - November 22-24

Nov 25 • 01:48:02

648 - Butts is butts

Nov 24 • 02:50:39

That's right, Seth. Butts IS butts! (I still have no idea what that means!) Hey! Happy Thanksgiving week and weekend, everyone! Thanks to all of you who caught the "Friday Free Show" LIVE on a Wednesday and I'll let the bullet points speak for themselves! Have a wonderful and safe turkey day and buckle up for new stories and a real goodie! - d...

Best of ACT - November 15-19

Nov 20 • 02:06:01

647 - Genital Anesthesia

Nov 19 • 02:36:55

Oh, how I hate you show notes. I spent the last 3 hours talking and yelling and laughing and having fun, and now you. All of the revelries come to a screeching halt, and now I have to sit here and type out some crap that even our oldest of listeners don't read! I mean, I consume podcasts and I have NEVER gone to the show notes of any show for anything! NEVER! Not once! But...

Best of ACT - November 8-12

Nov 13 • 02:27:44

646 - Dan's Conservatorship

Nov 12 • 02:37:31

Aye yo! ...

BONUS - Ari Shaffir Likes Drugs

Nov 10 • 45:41

I absolutely love it when we have the ability to interview a new person or a new guest and COVID sort of killed that. Only now are we starting to see a big group of comics and musicians start to reschedule all of their canceled dates. Ari Shaffir is going to be at The Orlando Improv this weekend (2 shows Friday - 2 shows Saturday) so make sure you jump on their website and...

Best of ACT - November 1-5

Nov 6 • 02:13:34

645 - Potato Doug VS Gambling Doug

Nov 5 • 02:42:27

Oh my gawd! I don’t think we’ve had a show like this in a good while. While I’m thinking about it and it’s top of mind, make sure you check out SBK’s new podcast that he’s recording now that he’s no longer on The Bone in Tampa. (For those that don’t know, that’s a radio station. Kevin was the night’s host for the last few years or so.) is where you nee...

Best of ACT - October 25-29

Oct 30 • 02:03:14

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