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A Grey Matter


A Grey Matter is for anyone who has ever wondered how we think, feel, reason and move. The Queensland Brain Institute's neuroscience podcast unlocks the wonders of the brain – the complex and mysterious core of who we are. QBI, at The University of Queensland, works to understand the development,Read more

Popular episodes

When neuroscience meets conservation science

Nov 29 • 33:38

Pay attention! How your brain decides what to focus on

Nov 12 • 28:58
When we pay attention to something, our minds are selectively concentrating on a discrete piece of information, while choosing to ignore other perceivable elements. Dr Anthony Harris is an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Fellow at the Queensland Brain Institute and an expert on human attention. He discusses what goes on in the brain when we are giving something...

Brain Health For Mental Health

Oct 26 • 01:01:23

The cutting edge of dementia research

Sep 21 • 31:45
Almost 500,000 Australians have some kind of dementia, the most common form of which is Alzheimer’s disease. Currently, there is no cure, and only one drug was recently approved for treatment. Researchers here at the Queensland Brain Institute are working on an ultrasound treatment that may offer the best chance to hit the damaged neurons and slow the progression of this t...

S03Ep2 - Art meets science meets AI

Jun 17 • 30:56
Artist Sam Leach’s work focuses on a connection between science and art, in a more modern twist. He uses AI to compose art that he then paints. It’s a blending of two fields in a similar way that researchers are blending machine learning and neuroscience, to push the limits of AI. We talk also talk to neuroscientist Emeritus Professor Srini Srinivasan, whose work inspired ...

S3E01 | Where psychology and neuroscience collide

Jun 3 • 22:11

S2E10 | What Did One Brain Cell Say To The Other?

Jan 7 • 10:37
The brain is one of the most complex things that scientists study, with trillions of connections between brain cells responsible for our thoughts and actions and baseline functions. You’d think that if you zoom down and look into the cells and how they talk to each other, that things would be simpler but that’s not the case. Down at the nanoscale level of the brain is an e...

S2E9 | The Neurological Effects Of COVID - 19 - The One - Two Punch Of Coronavirus Explained

Jan 7 • 32:50
More and more we are finding out about the peculiar symptoms of coronavirus that make it such a nasty bug. Many of these symptoms, especially those with a long tail of illness seem to point to effects on the nervous system: the loss of smell, dizziness, confusion, strokes, muscle weakness, fatigue. New research born out of collaborations with virologists and neuroscience h...

S2E8 | Do You See What I See?

Jan 7 • 28:10

S2E7 | From Stem Cells, Billions Of Brain Cells Grow

Jan 7 • 20:10
At the very earliest stages of life, how do stem cells know how to turn into the right cells at the right time and go to the right places. Just a few cells create the billions of brain cells we have. In this episode, we talk to Professor Helen Cooper, Deputy Director of Research at the Queensland Brain Institute. She studies the complex world of the signalling pathways tha...

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