99% Invisible

Roman Mars

Design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we've just stopped noticing. 99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. From award winning producer Roman Mars. Learn more at 99percentinvisible.org. A proud member ofRead more
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Best Episodes

389- Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out

Feb 12, 2020

"Who let the dogs out...first?"




The story of how “Who Let The Dogs Out” ended up stuck in all of our brains goes back decades and spans continents. It tells us something about inspiration, and how creativity spreads, and about whether an idea can ever really belong to just one person. About ten years ago, Ben Sisto was readingRead more

Chapter 4: The List

Dec 11, 2020

"Scoring systems aren't foolproof, and they can unintentionally perpetuate existing biases. One example here is how a vulnerability assessment determines priority levels for aid for the homeless"



When Tulicia Lee tried to get help with housing, she was essentially put on a big long list with a bunch of other homeless people. If you live in the U.S., your community probably has a list like this too. Where one ends up on the list can have huge implications, but how one rises to the top of itRead more

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Roman Mars on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

Dec 18, 2020

"Why Roman Mars left his PHd program to be a journalist. "


Roman Mars joins Jesse Thorne on Bullseye this week to talk about life before podcasting, and what decades in radio has taught him. Roman has worked in podcasts and radio for decades at this point, but his career didn't start out in audio. He was originally getting a PhD in genetics, pipettingRead more

422- In The Unlikely Event

Nov 18, 2020

"You’ve got 90 seconds to get out of a plane after it crashes"


If you’ve ever flown on a plane, you’ve been directed to study the safety briefing card in your seatback pocket. Every passenger plane, commercial or private, has to have safety cards on board. Mo Laborde is a reporter who has been collecting safety cards for almost ten years, and one day sheRead more
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