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A show all about the music, movies, television, pop culture, fashion and technology of the 1990‘s!

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S10 Ep11: Nicole Kidman Portraying Lucille Ball!

Nov 18 • 31:38

We’re talking about the new docuseries that explores many facets of what happened during and after Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl. Also, just how committed Nicole Kidman was to getting it right for her new movie, and how fellow Aussie Mel Gibson got committed to the fifth installment of the Lethal Weapon movies. See how you do with Kelly’s Tr...

S10 E10: Alanis Morissette‘s New Sitcom!

Nov 13 • 28:00

This week on 90's NOW we’re talking about how Snoop Dogg sees his audience and delivers. Also, we’ve got news on some surprising ‘next step’ fun for Alanis Morissette and how busy Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be for the next couple of years. See if you can do better with Kelly’s Trivia than Sharon and Adam and how your 90’s Rewind might wreck the ending of a movie from 23 year...

S10 E9: Missy Elliott‘s Walk of Fame Induction!

Nov 4 • 31:58

This week on 90’s NOW we’ve got big applause for a legend that’s found her way onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Also, how Will Smith is transforming on YouTube and the best case scenario for the most rocking Master Class yet courtesy of Metallica. And it’s not too early to talk about the holidays if Mariah Carey is already into it, so we’ll chat about how she’s been promot...

S10 E8: Victoria Beckham‘s 90‘s Fashion Sense!

Oct 28 • 29:13

The Spice Girls’ impact remains in tact and we’ll tell you who brought Mel C on stage to sing with them and which bunch of kids think Victoria Beckham should dig into her 90’s closest again. Also, some new music from one member of Depeche Mode is actually some old music that moves him. See how you do with Kelly’s Trivia, and your 90’s Rewind will get ya thinking back to ou...

S10 E7: Elton John‘s New Album!

Oct 21 • 28:54

This week on 90's NOW we've got news on the artist that has had a song in the Top 10 in six different decades and how Sporty Spice is no longer on Dancing With The Stars. We’re talking about how Nikki Sixx got his name and how Mel Gibson has two new projects on the way. See how you do with Kelly’s Trivia and how racy things were 23 years ago with The 90’s Rewind. Thanks fo...

S10 E6: Usher‘s New Baby!

Oct 14 • 30:10

We've got the word on new music from one of our faves and no more music from another. Also, one more Raymond added to Usher’s brood. We’ll tell you which one of our favourite odd couples is back in the kitchen. See if you can do better than Sharon and Adam with Kelly’s Trivia and Sharon will take us back to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop with a 90’s Rewind. Thank you for listen...

S10 E5: NKOTB and Salt-N-Pepa - New Tour in 2022!

Oct 9 • 28:23

S10 E4: Celine Dion - New Doc On The Way!

Oct 1 • 25:16

We've got more unsettling info about the new Britney Spears documentary. We’re also talking about Whitney Houston’s new makeup line… yes, Whitney.  We’ve got news on a couple of big name actor buddies who will make it to the big screen again and Celine Dion has a new project on the way! See how you do with Kelly’s Trivia and Sharon will test your memory with a 90’s Rewind....

S10 E3: Dave Grohl‘s New Memoir!

Sep 25 • 29:55

This time when we talk about the Spice Girls, it will tie the 90’s with the NOW. We’ve got news on Dave Grohl’s new book, and we’ll tell you why it’s just one book for now. We’re also talking about how one of the biggest movies from our favourite decade will be remade, and how one of our favourite shows on TV might’ve looked different with a “hotter” actress in the lead. S...

S10 E2: Jennifer Aniston - Back To TV!

Sep 18 • 32:12

We’ll tell you which Spice Girl is making plans for their tour in 2023 and that it’s not really official yet. Also, two of our ‘Friends’ that you heard are dating… aren’t, but they understand why we’d want it to be so. And with a new documentary about her life premiering at film festivals, we’ll tell you why Alanis Morissette won’t be attending. See how you do with Kelly’s...

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