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Unusually in-depth conversations about the world's most pressing problems and what you can do to solve them. Subscribe by searching for '80,000 Hours' wherever you get podcasts. Produced by Keiran Harris. Hosted by Rob Wiblin, Head of Research at 80,000 Hours.

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#105 – Alexander Berger on improving global health and wellbeing in clear and direct ways

Jul 12 • 02:54:31
The effective altruist research community tries to identify the highest impact things people can do to improve the world. Unsurprisingly, given the difficulty of such a massive and open-ended project, very different schools of thought have arisen about how to do the most good.

Today's guest, Alexander Berger, leads Open Philanthropy's 'Global Health and Wellbeing' programme...

#101 – Robert Wright on using cognitive empathy to save the world

May 28 • 01:35:59

In 2003, Saddam Hussein refused to let Iraqi weapons scientists leave the country to be interrogated. Given the overwhelming domestic support for an invasion at the time, most key figures in the U.S. took that as confirmation that he had something to hide — probably an active WMD program.

But what about alternative explanations? Maybe those scientists knew about past crime...

#100 – Having a successful career with depression, anxiety and imposter syndrome

May 19 • 02:51:20
Today's episode is one of the most remarkable and really, unique, pieces of content we’ve ever produced (and I can say that because I had almost nothing to do with making it!).

The producer of this show, Keiran Harris, interviewed our mutual colleague Howie about the major ways that mental illness has affected his life and career. While depression, anxiety, ADHD and other ...

#99 – Leah Garcés on turning adversaries into allies to change the chicken industry

May 13 • 02:26:03
For a chance to prevent enormous amounts of suffering, would you be brave enough to drive five hours to a remote location to meet a man who seems likely to be your enemy, knowing that it might be an ambush?

Today’s guest — Leah Garcés — was.

That man was a chicken farmer named Craig Watts, and that ambush never happened. Instead, Leah and Craig forged a friendship and a pa...

#98 – Christian Tarsney on future bias and a possible solution to moral fanaticism

May 5 • 02:38:21
Imagine that you’re in the hospital for surgery. This kind of procedure is always safe, and always successful — but it can take anywhere from one to ten hours. You can’t be knocked out for the operation, but because it’s so painful — you’ll be given a drug that makes you forget the experience.

You wake up, not remembering going to sleep. You ask the nurse if you’ve had the...

#97 – Mike Berkowitz on keeping the US a liberal democratic country

Apr 20 • 02:36:09
Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election split the Republican party. There were those who went along with it — 147 members of Congress raised objections to the official certification of electoral votes — but there were others who refused. These included Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp in Georgia, and Vice President Mike Pence.

Although one coul...

The ten episodes of this show you should listen to first

Apr 15 • 03:02
Today we're launching a new podcast feed that might be useful to you and people you know.

It's called '
Effective Altruism: An Introduction', and it's a carefully chosen selection of ten episodes of this show, with various new intros and outros to guide folks through them.

Basically, as the number of episodes of this show has grown, it has become less and less practical to ...

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