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7 Skills for the Future

Hosted by international author and soft skills expert Emma Sue Prince, this podcast is all about bringing 7 key skills into your everyday so that you are strong and well equipped right now and for the future. These skills are Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Integrity, Being Proactive,Read more

Popular episodes

Top Tips from Series 9

Dec 6 • 15:08

For our final episode of Series 9 we have compiled the top tips from each guest in order. ...

Innovation, Food and Integrity

Nov 22 • 24:24

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Verity De Yong. After spending more time cooking at home during lockdown, Verity noticed how much waste was being produced. Using her background in fine art, Verity began experimenting with the skins of fruits and vegetables to create natural dye. This has led to the creation of VED Cooks - a range of linen napkins, table cloths and placemats ...

Opportunity, Basketball and Optimism

Nov 15 • 32:00

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Tahir Hajat. Tahir has had a wide, varied and fascinating career from working in factories and working with young offenders to hosting global sports events. Tahir shares his skills, community experiences and explains how that can lead to life changing opportunities. His passion for supporting young people outweighs everything else. Tahir is fu...

Discovery, Empathy and Dementia

Nov 8 • 21:47

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Penny Bell.  An award-winning podcaster, Penny shares her story learning more about dementia, caring for loved ones, career changes, creating the Discovering Dementia and her experience as a nurse in the NHS.  Penny’s mother was diagnosed with mixed dementia (Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia) and Penny wanted to share as much informat...

Action, Hotels and Adaptability

Nov 1 • 32:47

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Thomas Kochs. Thomas Kochs is the managing director of The Corinthia Hotel in London. Thomas openly reveals the challenges, highs and lows of navigating the pandemic leading one of the top hotels in England. Thomas is truthful, kind and charming, his way with words is unique. He explores the changes in priorities, passion and his willingness t...

Careers, Cancer and Critical Thinking

Oct 25 • 25:09

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Laura Price.  Laura spent years working as a financial writer until she was diagnosed with cancer.  This made her reassess her happiness and she has changed industry and penned her own novel Single Bald Female.  Laura is a delight to speak to - incredibly motivational, real and open. Laura and Emma Sue explore the challenges of navigating care...

Bike Rides, Grief and Being Proactive

Oct 18 • 21:07

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Liam Meyer. His father, David, passed away due to COVID 19 at the start of the pandemic. Over the past 18 months, Liam has accomplished more than most have in a lifetime selflessly. Due to restrictions Liam noted how difficult the grieving process was for those without being able to go to their usual support system. He created the Alone Togeth...

Redundancy, Tik Tok and Resilience

Oct 11 • 33:09

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Isobel Perl. After losing her job during the pandemic, Isobel founded a skincare business Perl Cosmetics which is now set to make 6 figures this year. Displaying a number of the 7 Skills (most notably resilience) Isobel and Emma Sue explore the challenges of navigating careers and life during COVID as well as becoming a Tik Tok extraordinaire!...

Introduction to Series 9: Pivot

Oct 4 • 13:48

7 Skills For The Future Podcast - SERIES 9. This series focuses on the theme PIVOT, Emma Sue has spoken to a number of inspiring individuals about the challenges they have faced in their lives, over the past 18 months and the skills they have developed as a result.  They share their deeply personal stories, offer helpful tips and some funny anecdotes along the way!  Be sur...

Pivot - Learn - Pray

Apr 12 • 38:25

Anu is an award-winning choir director, a singer-songwriter, worship leader, children’s advocate and public speaker. It was an immense privilege to talk to her about the complete turnaround and pivot she had to create at the start of the pandemic. Like many of us, Anu's work was adversely affected and changed overnight. ...

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