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50% Facts with Silent Mike & Jim McD

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Life’s too short to be half right! Veteran podcasters Mike "Silent Mike" Farr and Jim McDonald try to answer a single question. Any question is fair game, but most involve health, fitness, nutrition, mental health, culture…even sex. They examine common misconceptions and then try to get to theRead more

Popular episodes

Shaming: Fit, Fat and all the other kinds | Topic Thunder Mini-episode

Nov 26 • 11:37

Does shaming actually motivate anyone? Why shame someone else anyway? And they really just shaming themselves? We talk through our thoughts....

The Commissioner of Power | Documentary Review and Reaction

Nov 24 • 01:01:56

It’s fitting that Rogue Fitness would decide to underwrite an expansive documentary on the life of Terry Todd -- a name known to many in the strength world for decades. As a lifter and coach, he was a formative presence in Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and strongman. In many ways, he helped define the industry....

What do we hate to see in the gym? | Topic Thunder (Mini-episode)

Nov 19 • 12:08

Is curling in the squat rack a huge break of gym etiquette or just a practical solution? Is loading the leg press up with every plate in the gym, five linebackers, and 7 cheerleaders a good move? Does training on an inflated half-sphere ever make sense? And is there a better drink holder than a reverse hyper?  ...

Home gyms (revisited) | The North Pull | w/Caffeine & Kilos

Nov 17 • 23:43

In a bit of a mashup between a regular 50% Facts and one our shorter Topic Thunder episodes, we sat down with our friends from Caffeine & Kilos to take another swing the advantages and disadvantages of home gyms. We also hit on “do not disturb” on smart phones, the disappointment of “skipfree” portable CD players in the 90s, and announce our first big event, The North Pull!...

What’s a good protein source and why does everyone think it’s peanut butter? | Topic Thunder (Mini-episode)

Nov 12 • 11:56

Everybody loves peanut butter, or do they? Many people love it so much that they think it’s a great protein source, but it’s not relative to its calorie count. We talk about the allure of nut butters, what we like and don’t like, and which protein sources actually make more sense for someone on a diet....

The Tillman Story: Documentary review

Nov 11 • 54:04

Pat Tillman, who walked away from NFL millions to join the Army and was later killed, is a legendary heroic figure. What was the real story of his death by friendly fire? This documentary reflects his family’s efforts to find the truth and get the military and the government to admit to efforts to cover it up....

Should you be trying to get dates at the gym? | Topic Thunder (Mini-episode)

Nov 6 • 13:30

We discuss the rights and wrongs of trying to get dates, or even talk to strangers, at the gym. Can you do it without throwing up red flags? Are there times that it’s ok, and times it’s really not ok?...

Two physical therapists who powerlift explain why sometimes moving “wrong” is actually right

Nov 3 • 01:19:22

We’re lucky to have not one, but two physical therapy docs as members of our gym. We sat down with Emily Snee and Dominic Violi to discuss what it really takes to get back in the game, and the stuff that’s probably just a waste of time and money. It didn’t shock us, and it shouldn’t shock you, that they’re fans of some folks we’ve interviewed in the past and that their app...

Foam rollers, mobility, chiropractic, etc.: What interventions actually helped us? | Topic Thunder (Mini-episode)

Oct 29 • 12:09

We discuss which strategies for dealing with the aches and pains of both lifting and life have worked for us. We’ve seen both scams and actual relief....

How do you escape from a scary religious cult? | The Way Down docu-series parts 2 and 3

Oct 28 • 53:28

In this episode, we discuss the final chapters of The Way Down. These episodes cover the impact on the lives and families of the cult surrounding the Remnant Fellowship and diet guru Gwen Shamblin Lara. Many former members detail the extent to which the cult controlled their behavior and actions, and their struggle to get free of its grip....

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