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Moe and Jenna Abdou interview a highly influential roster of founders, venture capitalists, CEO’s, master thinkers, bestselling authors, academic minds, and creatives to deconstruct the hidden insights that only those who are building breakthrough ventures can reveal. For ten years now, 33voicesRead more

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Feeling Our Way Through the Creative Process

Dec 2 • 39:08
“You can never hide the traces of yourself and your way of being: they always show up in your work,” Sarah Stein Greenberg writes in Creative Acts for Curious People. Executive Director of the Stanford, encouraging students to feel is core to Sarah’s mission and her team’s design thinking philosophy. How do they achieve it when creativity is often a rollercoaster ...

Indulging in the Adventure of Life

Nov 18 • 55:36
When Norma Kamali visits kids at her high school she encourages them to imagine...How close to your dream can your life be?Renowned designer, Norma’s extraordinary life is an embodiment of not only realizing our dreams, but continuously expanding them. Her philosophy is an invitation to indulge in the adventure of life. We delve into her book I Am Invincible to explore the...

“Living Into Our Faith”

Nov 11 • 57:01
If Reverend Jen Bailey could share one message with her church it would be that: “They are beloved, no matter what they’ve done or where they’ve been. They are loved because of who they are.” Founder of Faith Matters Network and Co-founder of the People’s Supper, Reverend Jen is a compassionate voice in the new dawn of religion and spirituality. We delve into her book, To ...

Understanding Dopamine to Cultivate Inner Peace

Nov 4 • 47:46
How do we navigate life’s highs and lows without feeling like we’re on an emotional rollercoaster? By managing our relationship with dopamine, we learn from Stanford University Professor of Psychiatry, Dr. Anna Lembke. In her book, Dopamine Nation, Dr.Lembke reveals how understanding our quest for dopamine empowers us to make choices that enable us to live in a state of eq...

What Happens When We Design Our Life Around Joy?

Oct 28 • 54:03
Katia Verresen’s philosophy around inner power has made her a revered executive coach, advising leaders at organizations like Airbnb, WhatsApp, and Stanford. What makes her approach so impactful? It centers around living a life of joy. Katia affirms that achievement and fulfillment aren’t mutually exclusive and shares tools to use joy as a compass in our daily lives. Where...

A Framework To Multiply Your Impact

Oct 22 • 41:52

How We Contribute to Each Other’s Vitality

Oct 21 • 58:48
“When you feel connected, you feel whole.”Child psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Bruce Perry is renowned for his pioneering research on trauma. Yet, his impact is equally made each time he sits down to color with a four-year-old to help facilitate their healing. This is the life-giving power of connection, and it is the enduring theme of his work. We delve into Dr.Perry...

The Genius of Category Design

Sep 24 • 54:37

Beauty as a Compass

Sep 13 • 43:49
Every detail matters to Elisa Marshall — The tiny chips that give plates their character, the story behind every chair surrounding her 14-person dinner table, and the feeling evoking questions she asks gathered around it, like: What made you smile today? Driven to find the beauty in every day, Elisa lives by Elsie de Wolfe’s wisdom: “I’m going to make everything around me ...

Dreaming as Hope in Action

Aug 26 • 38:58
“Abundance is living in your greatest place of peace and joy,” says nyakio and Thirteen Lune founder, Nyakio Grieco. How does she get there? By fulfilling her purpose in the “right now moments.” Grounded in her faith, we kick off exploring how Nyakio’s mother taught her to pray boldly, call upon her ancestors, and the belief that gives her hope during trying times. Nyakio ...

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