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2-Minute Talk Tips

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2-Minute Talk Tips helps you become a more effective speaker in as little as 2 minutes a week. Each episode starts with a 2 minute, practical tip so you get value right from that start. After that, we have a deeper discussion about issues affecting public speakers. If you've got only 2Read more

Popular episodes

Ep 139 -- Words and Stories Mean More than Picture with Ken Moscowitz

Apr 21 • 51:25

Think of the stage as a war zone. Not in the sense that the audience is an enemy. The enemy is the way many folks hold back and don’t spend all their energy on stage....

Ep 138 -- Build a Speaking Business with Grant Baldwin

Feb 13 • 47:22

Stories are how humans connect. They form the basis of our social relationships. They’re how we share history....

Ep 137 -- Bigger than Yourself with Kira Ming

Dec 15 • 48:07

Across the different guests I talk with, the theme of authenticity keeps coming up in the tips. It’s similar in many of them which demonstrates just how important it is. Also interesting is how each of them brings their own angle to the concept....

Ep 136 -- Be Brave and Commit with Heather Vickery

Nov 23 • 29:03

We talk a lot about authenticity because it matters. And while it may seem daunting, it can actually make things easier. When you don’t try to fake it, you don’t waste brain cycles and energy trying to maintain a façade....

Ep 135 -- Connecting with the Ambassador of Happiness

Nov 3 • 45:03

Before speaking, meet your audience members. In a small meeting, maybe that means greeting them as they come in to the conference room. At a larger event, that may mean mingling with attendees in the venue....

Ep 134 -- Step-by-Step Public Speaking with Cory Truax

Oct 23 • 53:22

If you project confidence on stage your audience is more likely to believe you. If you are confident, you’ll feel less nervous getting up to speak....

Ep 133 -- Process with Technology Coach for non-Tech Entrepreneurs Charles White

Oct 9 • 42:35

We often talk about the importance of authenticity as a speaker. Another way to think about it, though, is vulnerability....

Ep 132 -- Find your Story with Zack Hudson

Oct 2 • 44:59

While it’s helpful to have lots of stories at your disposal, there are three types that will help you in speeches, job interviews and client interactions.  They are Underdog, Authority, and Fixer....

Ep 131 -- Core Confidence with Dennis Sumlin

Sep 25 • 42:25

Anxiety and excitement are closely related so if you’re nervous before speaking, reframe it in your has as excitement. Tell yourself how excited you are at this opportunity. The physical symptoms — jitters, racing heart, etc. are very similar so give your brain a different interpretation of them...

Ep 130 -- Fire Stories with Jason Jordan

Sep 18 • 53:46

Or more specifically, don’t start your talk by apologizing to the audience for the talk they are about to hear. It comes across as an appeal for pity. When you do that it means you are starting from a position of weakness rather than one of strength....

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