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Shmuel Phillips: Reclaiming Judaism [Rationality 2/5]

Nov 23 • 01:22:05

Anxiety and Rationality: A Personal Anonymous Account [Rationality 1/5]

Nov 16 • 01:03:25

The Books of Shabbos

Nov 1 • 01:26:33

The Legacy of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Oct 26 • 01:20:04

Judith Shulevitz: The World of Shabbos [Shabbos 2/3]

Oct 19 • 01:15:49

Senator Joe Lieberman: The Gift of Shabbos [Shabbos 1/3]

Oct 12 • 01:04:47

Yabloner Rebbe: The Rebbe of Change [Teshuva 5/5]

Sep 12 • 01:24:04
In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we talk to Rabbi Pini Dunner and Rav Moshe Weinberger about the Yabloner Rebbe and his astounding story of teshuva.

The Yabloner Rebbe was a chassidishe rebbe who helped found Kfar Chassidim. He disappeared and went to Los Angeles, where he went off the derech, but he later returned to Judaism and Kfar Chassidim in a remarkable exampl...

Miriam Gisser: Recovery as Change [Teshuva 4/5]

Sep 3 • 01:22:00

Agnes Callard: A Philosophy of Change [Teshuva 3/5]

Aug 31 • 01:09:26

Alex Clare: Changing in Public [Teshuva 2/5]

Aug 23 • 01:15:00

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