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16 Minutes on the News is a short news podcast where we cover the top headlines of the week, the a16z podcast way -- why are these topics in the news; what's real, what's hype from our vantage point; and what are our experts' quick takes on these trends? About the a16z Podcast: Discusses tech andRead more

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Steam Halts Web3 Games; FDA Approves Prostate Cancer AI

Oct 26 • 20:10
Welcome to 16 Minutes, our show where we talk about tech trends in the news. We have two segments today:
1) The announcement recently that Valve Software, which operates the massive gaming platform Steam, added a rule against games that use blockchain technologies or that allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies or NFTs – this rule appeared on its “What you shouldn’t publi...

Moderna's mRNA Flu Vaccine; DeepMind AlphaFold Goes Open Source

Aug 2 • 16:49
In today’s episode we have two short segments, both on bioscience topics:

[0:00] Moderna has started clinical trials for a flu vaccine, called mRNA-1010, that is based on the same mRNA technology that Moderna and Pfizer used for their COVID vaccines, and that several other companies including Sanofi and Glaxo all are actively working on for the influenza use case. Our exper...

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Opioid Crisis - How, Who, and Tech

Jul 26 • 18:30

Given recent news of drug company settlements, calls to action, policy moves, and more, this episode is a rerun of one of our very early explainers (episode #4 of 16 Minutes, 2019) on the opioid crisis. ...

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Ransomware Attacks on the Rise; Hackers Target IoT

Jun 9 • 12:09

Welcome to 16 Minutes, the a16z show where we talk about tech trends in the news, what’s hype and what’s real, and the long arc of innovation....

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Science (and Tech), the Endless Frontier

May 25 • 10:46

Given recent buzz and ongoing debates around the Endless Frontiers Act -- which some have described as “the most important piece of legislation no one's heard of” -- this episode is a rerun of an episode from last year, recorded after said act was initially unveiled. ...

Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough, Beyond the Buzz

May 2 • 36:20

Playing out against the backdrop of a global pandemic (including recent massive surges in regions around the world) is the news that came out a week ago that a candidate "malaria vaccine becomes first to achieve WHO-specified 75% efficacy goal”. While the findings are still in preprint with The Lancet, the resulting buzz and phrases quoted included everything from “unprece...

Apple Event: Desktop-Tablet Convergence, Cord-Cutting, "Find Anything," & More

Apr 25 • 13:35

In this week’s episode of 16 Minutes, our show where we cover tech trends in the news — and also cover themes from company developer and innovation events! — we focus on the latest coming out of Apple’s event this week. The company announced a bunch of things, ranging from new device colors and form factors to podcast services, but in this episode we asked regular guest St...

J&J Vaccine Pause; FBI Accesses Servers in Exchange Hack

Apr 19 • 15:16

We have two brief segments in today’s episode: News and analysis of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine pause, and the widespread hack of Microsoft Exchange Servers across the country (and the dramatic and unusual steps the FBI took in response)....

NFTs: What, Where, How, Why, Who

Mar 28 • 56:23

This deep-dive -- one of our occasional 2-4X explainer episodes on 16 Minutes; (past such episodes have covered everything from Section 230 and Tiktok to GPT-3 and the opioid crisis) -- teases apart what's hype/ what's real -- and the what, where, how, why, who, and other questions top of mind around all things NFTs:...

The U.S. Vaccine Rollout

Mar 20 • 18:13

Today on our news analysis show 16 Minutes — since this show is all about teasing apart what’s hype/ what’s real and where we are on the long arc of innovation — we're taking a quick pulse-check with the experts on just where we are with the COVID vaccine rollout in the U.S. ...

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