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11:11 Talk Radio is an ongoing conversation of our humanity, darkness, light and brilliance. As a platform geared to open the heart and expand the mind, rich integrative conversations are geared toward health, wellness, personal growth and mastery of the human experience. Dialogues range in topicRead more

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The Illusion of Life and Death: Clare Goldsberry

Dec 7 • 01:00:00
From ancient sages, spiritual teachers such as the Buddha, philosophers including Plato and Seneca to modern-day quantum physicists, life-long student of religions and spiritual traditions, philosophy and quantum physics, Clare Goldsberry, walks us through the mystery of death and dying, as well as the questions of the meaning and purpose of life. With her insights as a Bu...

Landscape of the Afterlife: Mathew McKay

Nov 30 • 57:51
Specifically describing the transition experience and the early stages of the afterlife, including how to navigate each stage, Jordan shows how death is a fluid realm of imagination and invention, a luminous landscape created entirely of consciousness. He explains how a soul that has newly crossed over is an amnesiac, arriving without senses, a nervous system, and all that...

Being Light in the Workplace

Nov 23 • 57:20
Experience Divinity at Work! Sizzle with Unique Purpose! Flourish in Any Workplace! Navigate Difficult Office Dynamics! For those looking to succeed in the practice of Spirituality at Work, this book reveals how! With this book, you can Discover your True Work and advance it on any job! Here is a sample of the topics covered in this Insightful New Book: I AM @ Work—Unleash...

Access Your Superconscious: Dr. Mark Mincolla

Nov 16 • 54:21
An adventure for the mind and spirit that begins with the premise that miracles don’t randomly happen—we create them! According to Mark Mincolla, PhD, developing our superconscious mind and recognizing the divine source that exists within each of us is what generates miracles. A wholistic physician for more than three decades, Mark used his own techniques and learnings to ...

Your Conscience: Leonard Perlmutter

Nov 9 • 56:40
Discover a straightforward explanation of the four functions of the mind, according to the ancient wisdom of Yoga Science: the senses, ego, unconscious mind, and the Conscience. Readers are taught how - and why - to coordinate these four functions in order to live the joyful life we all long for. Our mind is continually generating thoughts which lead to actions, and the La...

Trust Your Animal Instincts: Tabitha Scott

Nov 2 • 57:01
If you're struggling to stay positive, you're not alone. The pace of change and the nonexistent norm make us feel off-balance, burned out, and disconnected. Trust Your Animal Instincts reveals how to recharge your life and spark positivity through your own limitless source of power.

Exhausted from the burnout of trying to please everyone, including herself, Tabitha Scott qu...

The Wisdom Principles: Ervin Laszlo

Oct 26 • 54:07
Dr. Ervin Laszlo, authority in the fields of new science, consciousness, and spirituality, bridges the chasm between our understanding of science and the truths of spirituality, bringing an essential and timely message of wisdom to the world. Laszlo offers readers principles of empowerment that will guide the choices they make for years to come and will allow them to move ...

God has Infinite Frequency: Jonathan Masters

Oct 19 • 57:01
Blending art and insight, Jonathan Masters is penetrating, amusing, and sometimes provocative, as it takes us on a tour of many of our dearly held beliefs - challenging them, and giving us the precious opportunity to reconsider, feel, and to see things anew. As our worlds break apart, and a new consciousness emerges, here is an invitation to explore, be inspired and reform...

Somatic Practices to Heal From Trauma: Rochelle Calvert

Oct 12 • 54:10
As psychologist and mindfulness teacher Rochelle Calvert explores one of the greatest sources of healing from trauma is all around us — nature. Dr. Calvert shows how to relate to and connect with nature through the practice of mindfulness to calm and relax the nervous system, tune in to the somatic wisdom of the body to face lingering trauma and rewire it, and work with pa...

The Kingdom: Paul Selig

Oct 5 • 56:42
Paul Selig’s profound gift is to channel the unfiltered wisdom of The Guides?higher beings who exist beyond the borders of traditional human understanding?and share it with the world. The Kingdom is a transcription of Paul’s channeled messages, direct from the Guides in their complete and unedited form.

With beautiful language and profound wisdom, The Guides share an awe-in...

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