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“All Eyes on Me”

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This week Erin Ryan and Alyssa Mastromonaco talk about the latest whiplash with Texas’s abortion ban, Wisconsin breweries helping parents sue schools over anti-mask mandates, CA Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia pioneering women’s rights in the stateRead more

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I think the real problematic “main character energy “is just the person who tries to make themselves the center at the expense of the side characters. So that first guy in the meeting wasn’t annoying because he was drawing attention to himself, he was annoying because he couldn’t notice that no one else in the meeting was really engaging or responding to what he had to say positively. and that lack of awareness is inherently a lack of empathy for others which is the red flag.

As someone with severe ADHD, that lack of awareness is not always a lack of empathy.

There are absolutely times where I get caught up in my own excitement and make myself the center of attention and my general social awkwardness will sometimes make it so I'm not able to pick up on some of the social cues that would clue me into the negative response someone might be having, as soon as I do realize it though I am mortified and feel so bad that many people uncomfortable or whatever the situation is.

I have no issue with empathy, if anything I have too much at times and even have the impulse to empathize with definitionally bad people,but I do sometimes have difficulty picking up on subtle social cues. But I must stress that isn't a empathy issue.
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