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#88 跟阿姐去達令港吃草莓鬆餅

雪梨台灣阿姐的碎碎念 (華語) Chinese Podcast
About the episode
跟阿姐去達令港 Darling harbour 吃草莓鬆餅今天我們來去雪梨有名的達令港晃晃是所有觀光客都會來的地方逢年過節甚至是每個禮拜六這邊也是放煙火的地方Harbourside shopping mall 晃晃Pancake on the rocks 吃草莓鬆餅順便告訴你如果你想做podcast 的話阿姐給你一些建議和technical suggestion on Audacity and voice memo on iPhone

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